```How to become an anesthesiologists...! Written by, Christina! :)

As an anesthesiologists one must be precise, with measurements & weighing things out. An anesthesiologists is someone who basicly is in charge of calcuating how much anasthea someone needs before a surgery or in any case where they'd need to be put to sleep. An anesthesiologist has their pasient's life in their hand, if they wake up...it will not be good.

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An anesthesiologists works in a hospital "work place". The duties of one, would, be to keep their patients asleep during an opperation, of some sort, to clacuate the amount of anasthea that is needed for the person's hight & weight. The anesthesiologist also stay's around the patient even during their recovery time. Just to make sure the things are "flowing correctly. The "day to day" of an anesthesiologists is going in checking on your patents your already with, then just seeing whats up & who needs you. They work directly with the patients. And don't really "report" to anyone, they just inform other people whats going on. Their really not incharge of any speffic people either, but if they need something, all they'd have to do is ask, anyone.
Median Salary by Years Experience - Job: Anesthesiologist (United States)
Median Salary by Years Experience - Job: Anesthesiologist (United States)

The typical salary for an anesthesiologist in thier first year would range from between 145,000-260,000. BUt thats just the first year, once you get started, you'll definitly be banking it, no matter where you are.

The prosses you'd have to take to become anesthesiologist would be, 1. to graduate high school 2. go to an amazing college (4yrs.) UCLA 3. Then a medical school...in California UCSA (4yrs.) 4. Go to anesthic residitsy (3-4yrs.)

In conclusion an anesthesiologist is the best job to have...ever, it is definitly worth all the years of schooling!