Assignment 3:

Assignment 2: Careers in Health(due Wednesday, Sept 16)

In this assignment, students will choose at least two career pathways to learn more about. Students will research the education needed to arrive at each career, what areas of healthcare they will be working in, what the day to day working environment would be like, and the salary scale. Then they will submit the information to the wikispace created and will present the information to class. They willbe graded according to the grading rubric.

Choose two of the careers listed on the Careers In Health wikisite (or submit one/two for Ms. Loya's approval), then place your name next to the career pathways you have chosen. Research the career pathway and create a wikisite according to the grading rubric below.

For each career chosen, complete the following on the corresponding webpage:

Title: example: “How to become a (Specific Career)”, written by (your name)
Introduction to specific Health Career. A brief intro to the career, and a related picture of someone working in that field, or a picture related to that career.
Describe what fields they work in (ie. Community health, hospital, rehab, etc.) and describe their duties. Describe their day-to day environment (are they in a lab? Do they work with patients directly? Or only other healthcare staff members? Will they be in charge of others? Who do they report to?
Educational Pathway: describe what type of education this field requires. List the steps in order. List at least two potential schools for this particular career goal and create a hyperlink to those schools from your wikisite.
Referencing a site like discuss the typical wages for someone in this career field for the San Antonio area. Discuss entry level wages, mean and higher level salaries in this particular career field. Include a graph from another website or one created by you that graphs the salaries as described.
References (list websites, books, and other materials used in researching this career pathway).
Presentation (Organization, Clarity, Timeliness, Attention to Detail)



Assignment 1: (due Tuesday, Sept 8th)

e-mail your teacher:
on the subject line put HST1
In the email I need your full name. Your home phone number, your home address, your parents/guardians names/relationships, contact information to include phone numbers, and e-mail addresses if possible.