Child Life Specialist work with children and their families to help them navigate the emotionally and physically demanding process of coping with hospitalization. These type of specialist use their knowledge of child development to prepare, and support children through difficult test, procedures and sometimes major changes in the family due to chronic or acute illness, treatments and recovery. They tend to act as if they were part of the famliy, so that the kids can become closer to them and not be frightend. Before becoming a Child Life Specialist you have to have a good education. You have to have a Bachelor's degree in a related field.The certification process also requires an internship of at least 480 hours.Many child life programs in hospitals have internship programs. When the child gets out of the hospital questions may arise about a childs behavior and adjustment to home or school after they have been in the hospital. Characteristics of a typical Child Life Specialist:

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    • Enjoys working with children and parents
    • Has excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Can adjust language and demeanor to the developmental and emotional state of the child
    • Works well with a variety of health care professionals and other support people
    • Can manage the emotional stress inherent in working with children who have life-threatening diseases
    • Can manage a variety of tasks simultaneously
    • Is able to explain complex medical procedures and information to all ages.