How to become a Dietitian/Nutritionist! Written by: Caitlyn A.
- A dietitan is someone who works with people in order to create
modified meal plans based on their needs. Dietitians also supervise the preparation of food, and teach people about special eating habits. A Nutritionist is an expert of the nutrition of foods.

-You can find dietitians and Nutritionist work​ing in Hospitals, Nursing care facilites, Clinics, School Systems, Out patient care systems, or private practice. They work directly with patients in order to understand their specific needs.

Different types of Dietitians:
1. Clinical Dietitans - These are the ones work in Hospitals and other Health care systems. After reviewing each patients medical records and nutritonal needs they can then create the perfect modified meal plans.
2. Community Dietitians - These types of dietitans work in public health clinics educating people on what to look for when they go grocery shopping and on food preparation.
3. Consultant Dietitans - These​ types of dietitans usually work in private practice. They do nutritional screenings for there clients and they teach about certains things like dieting. They are good with sanitiation and menu develpment and planning.
4. Management Dietitans - These types of Dietitians manage meal planning for buisness. They usually work in large buisness cafeterias, schools, and prisons. Besides meal planning, they are in charge of ordering food, keeping things sanitary and ordering supplies. fruit_heart.jpg

Education Required:
-Graduate High School
-Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, or Food Management.
- Completion of a CADE supervised practice program.
- Pass an Exam given by the Commision on Dietitic Registration.

- When going to college to become a Registered Dietitian, you should consider taking some of the following classes: Food and nutrition sciences, food service systems management, economics, computer science, culinary arts, business, sociology, communicaitons, physiology, biochemisty, microbiology, anatomy, and chemisty.


Salary of Dietitians/Nutritionists:
-When beginning your career to become a dietitian, you will make, on average, about $42,000. After about 10 years, you will make about $50,000. And after you have been in the field for many years, you will make about $60,000.


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By: Caitlyn A.

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