How To Become A Flight Nurse Written By Micaela.

Flight Nurse is a RN who provides comprehensive prehospital and emergency or critical nursing care to all types of patients during areomedical evacuation or resuce operations aboard helicoptor and propeller aircraft.

Flight Nurse's need the combined skills of an intensive care nurse, emergency nurse and critical care nurse.
They Work in The
aero-medical environment.


Stuff You Need To Do To Become A Flight Nurse

Yoy need approx 5 years of nursing experience split between ICU and ED.

-certifications. CCRN and CEN certs are very helpful in getting a job and you learn a ton while studying for them.
-courses. you have to have ACLS and PALS, NRP. Most will put you through an ATLS(advanced trauma life support) audit or TNATC (transport nurse advanced trauma course). Other courses that I have been told are helpful are TNCC (Trauma nursing core course) and ENPC (Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course.. PHTLS (Pre-hospital trauma life support, CCEMT-P (Critical care emergency medical transport program).
All flight nurses are required to complete the Rural and Isolated Practice Nurse Course.
EMT certification
Various life support certifications—neonate, pediatric, geriatric, etc.
Disaster management certification

Some Good Schools To Go To...

Point Loma Nazarene University

Chamberlain College of Nursing

New York University

How Much Will You Get Paid? sasdg.JPG

I Think It Would Be Great To Be A Flight Nurse They Make Lots Of Money and You Get To Ride In A Airplane =D