How to become a neurosurgeon, written by Austin Riley
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Neurosurgery is surgery focused on treating the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems and spinal column diseases by surgical intervention. Neurosurgery deals with the study and practice of surgery in diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems. Neurological surgery generally has the longest training period of all the medical specialties. Patience, physical and mental stamina, reliability on your muscle, and a substantial soul that can withstand the possibilities of an unpleasant outcome are all required of one who seeks to become a neurosurgeon.

You get to work in a hospital, specifically in an operating room or specialty wing. The people you get to work with (or more or less work for you) consist of nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, and even other surgeons. Neurosurgeons operate on patients for long periods of time, sometimes up to 10 hours! But this isn’t the only nature of work you’ll be involved with, though. As a neurosurgeon you might also need to diagnose patients with altered nervous systems, which may include brain injuries, strokes, or seizure patients. Neurosurgeons work a total of 60-80 hours per week.

Neurosurgeons in America must complete the eight years of pre-medical and medical education, one year of surgical internship (where this is not a part of the residency), and five to seven years of neurosurgery residency. Many neurosurgeons pursue a further one to three years of training in a subspecialty fellowship (which could be in pediatric neurosurgery, epilepsy, tremor, or stroke ("functional") neurosurgery, microneurosurgery, endovascular or open vascular neurosurgery, or neuro-oncological surgery). A few schools that specialize in neurosurgery are John Hopkins University, which has the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for students to study at; and Yale, which has the Yale School of Medicine.

The typical base pay as said by for a neurosurgeon in san antonio is around $418,000, with many other benifits. The bi weekly pay check is around $10,000 for a neurosurgeon. They can around $600,000 a year after being in the business for awhile.

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In conclusion,neurosurgeons are surgeons that is focused on treating the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems and spinal column diseases. They go through 14 to 20 years of college to become a surgeon. Neurosurgeons work in hospitals with other medical personal, doctors, and other surgeons. They make good pay and work long hard hours operating on, and diagnosing patients. Overall a sexy job.