How to become a Plastic Surgeon
By Kevin Mayhall

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-Introduction: Plastic Surgery is a medical speciality concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function. While famous for aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery also includes two main fields:body modification and reconstructive surgery.

-Description: Many Plastic Surgeons will open up their own private practice, they are responsible for preforming the actual surgery on the patient. Plastic Surgeons work withpatients so they can get an idea of what the patient wants and what will look good on them. They may have nurses or other assistants to help with the surgery.

-Education: In order to become a Plastic Surgeon you need:
- Take advanced science courses in High school
- Graduate from High School
- Go to good college and get Bachelor's degree
- Get into Med School and get M.D.
- Complete Residency focusing on surgery
- Towards end of Residency complete another two or three years of a specialized plastics residency.
-Some great schools include Duke University and the Baylor College of Medicine

-Salary: Plastic surgeons typically make around $320,000 annually

-Conclusion: A Plastic Surgeon is a person who reconstructs or alters the appearance of another person for the purposes of a more appealing look. They make around $300,000 a year, and require creativity and imagination.